Dreaming about uranus

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dreaming of this planet symbolizes your uniqueness you have your own way of thinking and dealing with things and you do not let others allow you to deter from it
To dream of uranus signifies uniqueness, independence, autonomy, and creativity you are unconventional and defiant in the way that you think it is also reminds to expect the unexpected
(ouranos) in mythology, uranus is the sky god and the personification of heaven he represents the undifferentiated and limitless potential for growth and is symbolic of evolution the planet uranus was discovered in 1781 astrologically, it represents cosmic power that causes creation, progress, sudden changes and, at times, upheavals and interference seeing the planet uranus in your dream may represent unexplored possibilities and potential it may be an unconscious encouragement to create change and to progress if life appears to be a bit out of control and if many unsettling changes are occurring, uranus in a dream may be a positive sign from the unconscious it suggests that turmoil can be used to create new possibilities and that in the end things will be better off then when they began
To see uranus in your dream, represents originality, independence, freedom, and individualism you are rebellious and unconventional in your thinking it is also an indication of the unexpected