Dreaming about vacant

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dreaming of a vacant space indicates that you need your freedom and a break from others you need to figure out things on your own on the other hand, it could also mean that there^s a sort of emptiness in your life that needs filling
To dream of a vacant sign may indicate a space or emptiness in your psyche this is possibly a call from your unconscious to find a positive way to express your energy before it explodes a vacant premises or car park can be a suggestion of things to come, although the emptiness may feel desolate whilst you are waiting
If you are entering a vacant house or building in a dream, you may have a sense that an old way has come to an end at the same time, the vacancy can also symbolize potential that is not immediately obvious exploring rooms that are empty of furnishings shows how you are opening to new possibilities that couldn’t have been possible without learning to let go of the past if it is an apartment that is vacant, it can symbolize a transitory perspective as you move through a type of transformation, as in changing jobs, relationships or moving toward a more spiritual awareness dreaming of something that is vacant can also personify the sense of emptiness that comes from pleasing others or doing things that are not fulfilling