Dreaming about vaccination

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to dream of being vaccinated suggests we may have to administer tough love to someone, or, someone may need to provide likewise for us. just as a vaccination initially hurts, in the end it is good for us.
Immunity protection afraid of something
Immunity protection afraid of something
Being vaccinated in your dream implies that a situation is going to cause you some pain, at first, then you will benefit from it on the other hand it indicates that you are worried about contracting a disease in your waking life if you dream of someone else receiving a vaccination, it suggests that you are being pressured and persuaded by people in your life
A warning against insincere friends is the message in a dream featuring others being vaccinated
To dream you are receiving a vaccination is an indication that a weakness exists within you consider what this weakness is and learn to overcome it for example, you may be prone to procrastination if so, learn how to motivate yourself to dream that someone else is getting vaccinated foreshadows you will see suffer disappointment in either your personal or professional life

Meaning for seeing vaccination in your dreams

To dream of getting a vaccination means you will be unduly swayed by the opposite sex a dream of seeing others vaccination foretells disappoints in love or business reversals to dream of a vaccination on any part of the body except the arms show that you are contemplating treachery
To dream of getting a vaccination, suggests that you need to overcome your vulnerability, it may also signify that you are susceptible to the charms of a person of the opposite sex to dream of seeing others get vaccinated, signifies disappointments in love and business