Dreaming about vagabond vagrancy

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Vagabond sometimes embodies personal characteristics that we reject, but do not displace, but you should consciously change. Dealing with it, shows that you have bad company that threatens the reputation. You see yourself as a vagabond, can announce generally an unfavorable life.
The tramp who boldly draws through the dream landscape, embodied mostly the dreamer, thirst for freedom and independence of himself. It is the soul of vagrancy, which is described here, to strike up against the hypocritical morality in waking life.
– You go away aimlessly from the normal constraints of morality; Danger as a result of conflicts; – You are dreaming that you are a vagabond: you live like in a loose society and prefer a uncontrolled life with little work and lots of fun. – In the dream you see such a person: announced losses and bad times;
– You see the vagabond in your dream: your future will not be particular; – In the dream you keep company with him: you will come to bad reputation.

Meaning for seeing vagabond vagrancy in your dreams

– You are dreaming that you see or speak: you must lead a miserable and sorrowful life; also: you should be careful, do not ruin your reputation by the contact with dishonorable persons; – You are: you show too little sense of honor.