Dreaming about van

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if you dream of having your household goods piled into a moving van, you will soon make a change in your position and your address that will be for the better. if you dream of riding in a van you will have a chance to make a large amount of money.
If you dream of riding in a van, you may lose something that is important to you. if you are thrown out of a moving van, you will receive unpleasant news. if you dream of buying a van, you will have an upswing in your social status.
A van symbolizes your career other symbols in the same dream further refine the meaning for example, to dream of your boss stealing your van warns that, despite appearance, your boss is not on your side in the workplace
The meaning will vary according to the action in the dream, but as a general rule, a van is a harbinger of good news if it was carrying household goods, it indicates a change for the better if your dream involved riding in it, you are likely to have a sudden opportunity to make a sizable profit

Meaning for seeing van in your dreams

To dream of traveling in a van, indicates that you are talented in painting to dream of a broken van, means you will have a unpleasant conversation
To dream of a van implies an unconscious desire to either move to a new house or at least do a major cleaning of your current home the suggestion here is to be ruthless and release yourself from the clutter and unnecessary debris that has accumulated, particularly in your bathroom and bedroom there is also an indication of making room in your house for something new
Vehicles often portray how you are moving forward in life and what motivates you you may dream of a moving van when you are sorting through past ideas, or are having difficulty letting go of past resentments the moving van ties together the idea of moving forward with the things you carry with you