Dreaming about video

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to dream you see a video, suggests that your dreams and your aspirations are your actual abilities to dream that you rent, buy, sell or produce videotapes, means that you will mistake something to dream that watching a video on something, means that you will want to have luxury and luxury goods that do not meet your financial situation
If you watch video about countryside in your dream, means that it indicates circumstances on the need to take notes from a forthcoming business or simply the circumstances of real life at this time.The dream advises you to try to capture this special scene or situation visually or in words.The interpretation of this kind of dream, llargely depends on how to hold successfully the situation the events: If the movie is not satisfactory, or is consistently out of focus, something wrong with the view of things that you are watching.The dream warns you, to be more careful in your real life and pay attention to the things that you see in the video. Also it attaches some aspects that they are not on the right place or you can see clearly enough.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Meaning for seeing video in your dreams