Dreaming about vines

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if you dreamed of healthy vines, you will be successful. however, to dream of dry or withered vines suggests that you are overtired and need to rest and renew your energies.
Dreaming of vines denotes positive and determined thinking you know what you want and you are going to climb to the top to reach it on the other hand, vines could mean attachment and being tied down you feel that some relationship or situation is causing you to feel a bit stifled and you want to let loose
To dream of vines is symbolic of your plans you have set your sights high in both your personal and professional life the vine may also be meant to serve as a reminder of your tendency to ‘cling’ to those around you to dream of grape vines is indicative of great success wealth, happiness, and inner peace will be yours
A dream with vines symbolizes happiness and success it can also be a symbol of good health to see dead vines suggests some kind of failure in your current working environment

Meaning for seeing vines in your dreams

To see vines in your dream, represents your ambitious thoughts or ideas it may also indicate your clinginess to others to see grape vines in your dream, symbolizes rewards, prosperity, and spirituality