Dreaming about violet

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violet is the color of your crown chakra, which is associated with spiritual understanding as such, in dreams it symbolizes spiritual leadership, spiritual teaching and authority in spiritual matters you are a spiritual teacher spiritual teaching works through empowering others to be able to face their own challenges and works through female energy
To dream of violet, predicts that you will have a meeting with a loved one to dream that you have decorated with violet, means your life is something that you should judge very carefully dreaming that you picked violets or have sown them, suggests that you are in difficulty with your intimate friends to dream of white violets, suggests that you are to be disobedient dreaming of blue violets, indicates that you have hidden pleasures ahead of you to dream of yellow violets are a sign of a turnaround in feelings dreaming of pink violets, predict feelings of shame to dream of red violets, is foretelling prosperity and happiness