Dreaming about violets plant

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Keyword: shades; softly; thickening; piercingly; curing; sentimentally; withdrawing; Moon of the harvest. Description: the violet, in the medicine wheel is born as the totem plants in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd August to the 22nd September), is found in forests and on meadows everywhere in the world in hundreds of kinds. They are small plants with dark green roundish leaves and delicate purple blossoms. Leaves and flowers are suitable for therapeutic purposes because of their antiseptic and expectorant effect. Certain types of violets are suitable to thicken soups and stews. Violet allegedly have the property to penetrate to areas of the body, which are usually only achieved by the blood and lymph, and to dissolve there poison deposition. They have a general tonic effect and help with shortness of breath and a sore throat. General meaning: be shy; a delicate aspect of your being; a part of yourself which would like to penetrate and cure something;a sentimental interest of your nature; the aspect of your nature which would prefer to keep away from other people. Association: blue eye; tint. Transcendental meaning: revelation of your sentimentality.
Violet shows desire for domestic happiness, marriage and family. If unmarried, receive gift flowers or pluck, this promises a speedy marriage after an ancient dream books. Like all dreams of flowers also has an erotic meaning. Particularly pleasant erotic memories have sweetened your sleep.
The dainty flowers on creeping rhizome tells of restraint and modesty, of love, to flourish in obscurity.
– Reminiscence of past events; very auspicious luck for lovers; – In the dream you see these flowers: you are going to change your ethical views negatively; – You are dreaming that you see many of them: if you remain modest, now you can experience happiness; – In the dream you pick, give or get as a present: luck in heart affairs; there will be joyful occasions in the life, where you win the favour of a superior person; – In the dream you see wonderful blossoms: luck as well as a happy married state; – A young woman who picks will soon meet her future husband. The flowers are dry or have wilted, then her love is disdained and is rejected.

Meaning for seeing violets plant in your dreams

– You get as a present: you will receive the consent; you will soon step before the altar; – In the dream you pick: you will soon get to know your future woman; you will find the luck in the love; – In the dream you pick for your spouse: the marriage takes a good flow; – You see these flowers: you have luck in the love; – In the dream you decorate with these flowers: your modesty creates you the joy.
– The dream is about violets: symbol of the modesty, discretion and faithful; promises luck in all areas of life; – In the dream you see or pick flowers: by modesty you will make yourself popular; – Somebody gave you these flowers: you will soon enter a fixed connection; – You give away:you will realize your wishes and longings in the love.