Dreaming about virgin mary

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when you dream of the virgin mary it refers to your feelings about sex perhaps you are afraid of losing your virginity or you feel guilty about doing so on the other hand, dreaming of the virgin mary suggests that you are unselfish and kind to everyone, you treat everyone as your children that need care
Great happiness is forecast, but the dream may also be cautioning you to be careful about whom you confide in
To dream that you see the virgin mary, means that someone will talk or smile at you or you could soon be having a child it is a very good sign!
To dream of the virgin mary denotes inner peace and balance it may also be a representation of the perfect mother finally, the virgin mary may be indicative of hidden sexual desires or confusion, especially in regards to a relationship

Meaning for seeing virgin mary in your dreams

To see the virgin mary in your dream, signifies spiritual harmony and/or ideal motherhood alternatively, the virgin mary represents a repressed fear of sexuality or difficulties in relationships