Dreaming about viscus

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Actual physical symptoms or discomfort are often taken into the dream and show up there in the image of the intestine. However, this dream symbol is also often used for mental processes, it can be understood as a reminder to be more self-criticism or self-reflection. It may also be that the dreaming is not really very open to too much occupied with themselves or from reality into his inner refuge, which can lead to loneliness. Under such circumstances, this dream symbol is an invitation to the dreamer to develop more open-mindedness.
– see viscus of a human, terrible suffering and utter despair without hope for happiness; – see a wild animal: the victory over a mortal enemy is imminent; – another person tear: heralds a chase to promote your own interests; – see your own: be affected by deep despondency; – feel: love, happiness; – see of the child^s: notice of the impending death of your child or your own.
– dreaming one, his intestines were kicked out through the anus, but got stuck, one of his family members will go out after a fight with their possessions, but come back because the viscera are not passed altogether, of course is also the dreamer get into a difficult situation. – Consumes someone of his own bowels, he will get rich at the expense of its members, if by foreign, at the cost of other people. – Dreaming of the emperor, his liver had come out of the anus, its treasures are coming to light, but he himself will die, the liver is in fact the source of the blood, but blood is money and possessions. Is it a common man, he will come to the pillory, his property will be confiscated by the authorities, and so it will go with him to the end. – Does anyone know the liver of another man and takes her to him, he will discover a treasure, the same size of the liver, he encountered. The same applies to all other viscera; finds a liver and lungs of a ram, goat or other horned animal, will fall to him all the wealth of a high dignitary, for horns symbolize offices and dignities.
– dreaming a mighty and rich viscus, that his liver had come out of the anus, he will lose his house manager and everything he holds dear, because the liver is all meat diet. So decided also formerly our laws, was discovered as the young man as the kidnappers daughter of our High priest: his liver should be thrown to the birds, because this organ excites all passions and desires and inflamed. But also one that looked this face will die in misery. – Dreaming that his lungs had departed through the mouth or anus, it is dangerous circumstances lose his best servant on whose encouragement he hears, because the lungs with its cool breeze tempers the heat of the heart. A poor man is divorced soon after the dream of the life. – Dreaming somebody, he was emperor or beggar, it was infested with a heart condition, this also means his imminent death, because the heart is the center of human life and is called. – Seeming it one, his intestines had been cut off or kicked out, he will lose his wealth and miserable end. This woman dreams, death will that kill their beloved children. – Fresh look: joyful hope, joyful life, love; – rotten and stinking: persistent disease.