Dreaming about vision

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if the visions were pleasant or merely strange, they predict a happy surprise but if they were unpleasant and/or confused, they suggest a physical origin, and a medical checkup might be in order
To dream that something has obstructed your vision is symbolic of the trouble you are facing in your waking life due to poorly made choices to see strange visions within a dream foreshadows difficult times to come, such as illness or poor fortune
To dream that your vision is obstructed, signifies that you are having difficulties and errors in judgment to see strange visions in your dream, denotes misfortune and illness
Key words: sense; fate; fulfillment. Description: The vision, Sun Bear says what is the meaning and significance of a person^s life is. It drives up the day and puts you in the position to do what the Great Spirit has given, you determined as fate and life as a goal. Everyone has a different vision, and every vision deserves respect. In earthy societies children were prepared from youth to seek their visions. In today^s world there are only a lucky few which know, that they may have a vision. General meaning: Something clearly see, get a sense for life. Association: eyesight. Transcendent meaning: It may be a dream that requires you to actually go on a vision quest.
The mind is once free of conscious restrictions, it seemingly works on different levels. Thus a dream, can be seen under three different aspects: once the dreamer -I, another content of a dream, and finally the actual information and knowledge, which is usually represent in the form of visionary images.
In the transition phase between waking and sleeping, and vice versa, many people experience very impressive visuals, that feels different from ordinary dreams. You could also describe them as visions.

Meaning for seeing vision in your dreams

Spiritual manifestations, or rather manifestations of the Spirit are generally regarded as visions.
– To see: note on exceptional developments in the profession, as well as on changes in the atmosphere and environment in private life; these first look negative, but eventually bring benefits for all involved parties; danger for the person that you see; – A strange look: expect one at the enterprises of the luck and illness will prevent the participation of pleasant entertainment; – To see people in the visions: predicts turmoil and struggle; – Be warned of the ruin of a friend, this usually appears in white clothing.
– To have: you will experience an illusion.