Dreaming about vision quest

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Keywords: Threshold; Direction; Connection with the creator and the Earth. Description: In the ancient cultures of earthy vision quest was a time where a person put aside the everyday things and entered in the sacred time, in the Dreamtime. From vision searches of this way the direction came often to light, which should take the life of a man. An increasing number of modern people remembers back to this old method, embarks on the search for their vision, and prays with a clear direction and with good opportunities to be blessed to serve their fellow man. General meaning: above-average susceptibility to messages from other realms of creation. Pay good attention what follows on such images in your dream. Association: Search for better vision. Transcendent meaning: A visionary^s dream; an indication that it is time for you to go out and look for your vision.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.