Dreaming about vitamins

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your power seems to be lacking of late when you dream that you are taking vitamins it suggests that you are trying to regain your ability to be self sufficient and battle people who attack you otherwise, you may just be experiencing worry about your health
To dream you see vitamins, means that you must take advantage of hidden forces invisible to us who work in your favor and support
To dream of taking or seeing vitamins symbolizes the weak nature of your self control you must strive to become stronger in your convictions conversely, vitamins may indicate that you have made some poor dietary decisions and your body is lacking in some important nutrients consider changing your diet to include more healthy food choices
To see or take a vitamin in your dream, indicates that you need to strengthen your willpower you may also need to stand up for yourself alternatively, it may point to you waking eating habits and the need for you to add certain nutrients to your diet
If you dream that you took huge amounts of vitamin pills, that says something about their own health.You need a new swing? There is also the possibility that you have done too much of good things. If you were in a health food store and tried to decide between the many vitamin supplements, this is probably a wide range of possibilities in the real life represents.
The dreamer takes vitamins, then he makes himself apparently worried about his health. Every person is well aware, that he does the best for himself and would take more out of life, to its actual potential needs. Perhaps the dreamer has realized that there could be a situation in life, in which it takes a certain kind of help.

Meaning for seeing vitamins in your dreams

On a spiritual level, vitamins in the dream are an indication that he recognizes dreaming higher vibrations as a prerequisite for its further progress.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.