Dreaming about voices

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hearing voices in your dream means you need to pay attention and listen to what people have to say perhaps the advice people are offering you or comments people are saying are bothering you alternatively, listen to the message, your unconscious might be warning you or trying to inform you about something
To dream of hearing calm or pleasant voices is an indication that you will soon be reunited with someone with whom you have been arguing the reunion will be joyful to hear high toned or angry voices is a reminder of the situations in your waking life that are not working very well to hear a soft voice, one you can hardly hear, should be taken as a reminder to listen to your own self you inner voice will tell you everything you need to know, if you just stop to listen when a mother dreams of her child’s voice, it is an indication that a memory or past event has caused great pain and suffering these feelings still exist within her
Dreaming that you are hearing pleasant voices indicates joyous reconciliations will happen in your future if the voices are angry, expect disappointments if the voices are weeping, expect to have a sudden outburst of anger
To hear pleasing and calm voices in your dream, signifies pleasant reunions and reconciliation to hear angry and high pitched voices in your dream, denotes disappointments and unfavourable situations to hear voices that are barely audible, denotes that you need to listen more carefully and pay attention to your inner needs for a mother to dream that she hears the voice of her child, signifies lingering misery and grief