Dreaming about voodoo

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do you actually practice voodoo in your waking life? if you do then you may be experiencing doubts about doing so on the other hand, if you do not it suggests that you are experiencing negativity in your life of late
You are in danger of being led astray by undesirable associates if you are not capable of resisting the pressure alone, don’t be too proud to ask for help
If you dream of voodoo magic, you will meet an old friend, or would resume a previous intimate relationship if you dream of yourself as a magician, something in your life will change significantly
The dream of voodoo, especially if you are actively participating in a voodoo ritual, is an indication that you are aware of the negativity that surrounds you you are trying to find a way to rid yourself of those negative forces the voodoo doll itself represents your instinctual side

Meaning for seeing voodoo in your dreams

To dream that you are practicing voodoo, suggests that you are unconsciously trying ward off surrounding negative energy to see a voodoo doll in your dream, represents a primitive and shadowy aspect of yourself