Dreaming about waboose spirit keeper of the north

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Key words: White Buffalo, acceptance, peace, strength, forgiveness, humility, end, top, gift of what we have learned on our journey through life, thinking about paradoxes. Description: In Sun Bear^s vision of the Medicine Waboose him the name was given as the Spirit Keeper of the North. The north is the time of the winter, at night, for a transitional period in which we humans are either elders or newborn babies. Waboose are in communication with the earth element, the mineral Alabaster, sweetgrass is the plant, the animal White Buffalo and the color is white. General meaning: How will you be after you^ve become an elder, as you were as a newborn. Association: Transcendent meaning: revelation of a gift; understanding the paradoxes of life.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.
Please, see meaning of North,winter.