Dreaming about wadding

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The type of meaning for ? Waffle? Intended here is that of waffling in discussion. If you are seeking the term waffle in relation to food, try wafer. When the dreamer is seeing him or herself as talking unnecessarily, it is an indication that he or she is self-conscious about their expression. On the other hand, if the dreamer is seeing someone else waffle, it is suggesting that the sleeper needs to listen very carefully to instructions. It can also be a sign of distrust toward the waffler.
Wadding, if seen in a dream, brings consolation to the sorrowing, and indifference to unfriendly criticism.
(cloth type stuffing) to dream of using wadding in the loading of an old fashioned rifle means you are arming yourself against the hostile actions and words of others when used in the filling of artistic work then it shows your creativity will be well rewarded.
To see the wadding in dreams, you need safety, to be clearer than you would get permits to do what you desire. The wadding provides protection and warmth, the dreamer must deal with its need of protection.
Sometimes reflect in our dream images, reflect our physical changes. Thus, a wadding embodying the fear of being fat or unattractive.
As in the psychological level, The wadding is also a metaphor for the spiritual needs of security.

Meaning for seeing wadding in your dreams

– Use a lot of material for quilting: is a sign that health problems can affect to lose weight in an alarming way, the business will prosper.