Dreaming about wager

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Dreaming of wages can be indicative of reward for the good we may have contributed in the world. If the dreamer sees themself receiving wages, as in being paid, it can be associated with having done a good job. If the dreamer observes that they are the one paying the wages, notice should be taken as to who the recipient is, as often this is a sign that we owe that person something.
Dreaming of making a wager, signifies that you will resort to dishonest means to forward your schemes if you lose a wager, you will sustain injury from base connections with those out of your social sphere to win one, reinstates you in favor with fortune if you are not able to put up a wager, you will be discouraged and prostrated by the adverseness of circumstances.
If you should dream of winning a wager fortune smiles on you but if you dream that you lose one or you are unable to put the wager up then you will find yourself railing against misfortunes and losses making a wager denotes a dishonest turn of mind.