Dreaming about wagon

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Riding in a wagon in a dream foretells that you will attend an auction. Young women who dream of riding in a hay-wagon will have offers of matrimony.
Dreaming of a wagon, denotes that you will be unhappily mated, and many troubles will prematurely age you to drive one down a hill, is ominous of proceedings which will fill you with disquiet, and will cause you loss to drive one up hill, improves your worldly affairs to drive a heavily loaded wagon, denotes that duty will hold you in a moral position, despite your efforts to throw her off to drive into muddy water, is a gruesome prognostication, bringing you into a vortex of unhappiness and fearful foreboding to see a covered wagon, foretells that you will be encompassed by mysterious treachery, which will retard your advancement for a young woman to dream that she drives a wagon near a dangerous embankment, portends that she will be driven into an illicit entanglement, which will fill her with terror, lest she be openly discovered and ostracised if she drives across a clear stream of water, she will enjoy adventure without bringing opprobrium upon herself a broken wagon represents distress and failure.
Riding or driving a wagon is a warning against making hasty purchases or investments but if the wagon was loaded (especially with hay), it predicts an unexpected increase in material wealth or a windfall of money.
If you dream of driving a wagon loaded with hay shows a thrifty nature and an unwillingness to speculate on unsure ventures driving a wagon down hill will denote a situation that will arise shortly in a manner that is disgusting to you if you drive a loaded wagon up hill you will see a successful completion of your present work and an improvement in all your affairs to see a wagon standing empty and alone shows loss and dissatisfaction for you.
Today probably most of people dream of a car or other means of transport, if a dream of continuing movement. We dare to dream of a dispute, it may be an indication that old and already deposited methods of testing the given situation are the solution. Wagon can be understood in terms of a car. Pulls it an animal, you interpret this. A rickshaw, which draws a man, exhorts the dreamer not to harness for its purposes others.
Loads of transported cars suggest a successful and profitable business, if they are empty, futile and losses on work effort. Who loses something from the car, those financial resources are nearly exhausted, or at least much less be assessed. A moving van is associated with a location change our ego, a character changeover that changes us generally in our favor. The chariot in the dream can be an invitation to explore archetypal images in order to understand the motives of one^s actions better. A chariot possibly represents basic needs in form, as they once were before they were changed by education.
The war chariot represents the sun in a dream, and the divine.
– Conceived similar car : it thrives, but must seek the company of noble people, too: means travel and changes in rapid succession; – In a rise: a journey is carried out under different conditions than expected; – Driving in a car is not a good dream for the one who seeks the world^s goods; – An elegant look: means that one will occur in connection with his people; brings acquaintance or intercourse with a distinguished people; – A miss: an attempt to improve his position, will be thwarted; – From a rise: one will have success with interesting plans, what you can congratulate yourself; – Make a break and upset: a sensitive means failure; – Overturned: libel; – To carry goods or loads: that is when it is empty, or that an effort work will be in vain if it is loaded to a work promises profit; – A fall: it is very clumsy and therefore cuts off very badly or even lose the position; – Falls out overloaded tips and see the charge : puts money loss; – To transport furniture: announces a change in the circumstances; – A wagon O which a wheel comes off: one will have to be angry about the obstinacy of a man very much; – Drive yourself to: receive honors; – In a donkey-drawn ride: you can be too much influenced by irresponsible people; – Drawn by horses: does happiness; – Pulled by people: one will gain power.

Meaning for seeing wagon in your dreams

– see themselves sitting in it: happiness and honor; – In a nice driving: prosperity; – Drive yourself: you have urgent business; – driving: festivities; – Many: your wishes are fulfilled; – Drop: you^ll need to change your plan; – Fall down with him, an unfortunate decision will cause much concern; – Stroller: happy, blessed with children, marriage; – With many horses: fulfillment of your desires; – Upset: near disaster; – Fraught and loaded: successful culture of your business.
– The imperial carriage has the sovereign authority, an ordinary, to various persons. – Running someone with the imperial carriage, he will attain high status and be famous, he belongs to the very capable minds, he will win the crown. – Currently driving a carriage, pulled by noble horses, beckon sovereignty, joy and fulfillment of his hopes, he will also have access to the emperor. If the cart is pulled by oxen, he will shortly bring powerful men under his control, but proving a weak regent because oxen are slow and cumbersome. –   All that in a dream look at the car of the Emperor will come into a closer relationship with him; but both were allowed to Joseph when he ruled after his release from prison on Egypt, as well as others as a sign of sovereignty and dignity that gave them the kings of old, climbing on the royal carriage. – Dreaming one, he steers the imperial carriage in a race, victory and become crowned, he will triumph over the enemy, if he is commander or soldier, he is one of the leading providers on the court, it will be because of the crown, the first among its peers and shall be subject in the race, he will be free from trouble and have less joy; because tribulation in a dream means sorrow unemployment. A simple man is found after the dream, joy and more merit in his profession. A woman, she is, whoever, with distinguished men and fornicate arouse public nuisance. – Dreaming of the Emperor, he steers the car itself, it will still acquire greater glory subdue his enemies and the goal of all his wishes come if he sents the car steers. – Seeming it him, he would, enthroned on his chariot, pulled by horses, slowly and quietly, his appearance will cause people all over the joy, peace and joy. – If it seems that his car is broken, he will fall ill and suffer damage to his dignity. – If a horse or ox, draw him to injury, he will suffer loss in his dignity, the animals die or they stumble, he will lose his doom his dignity and reputation and in great distress. – Farm wagons mean disease and exposure to the authorities. Driving a wagon with a farmer, he faces arrant terror and exposure to the authorities. He comes down from the car, he will be single soon. – To be driven: one should not be too much on others, if you want to have success in his undertakings, and also averse shows less risk; – Draw itself: they will continue to come easily when one spares no effort and responsibility, your plan will succeed; – Overturn it: be hampered by bigotry in his progress.