Dreaming about wail

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To wail is a means people undertake to release emotions. In a dream, if we are hearing someone else wail then it is indicative that we need to become attuned to someone else? S suffering. In instances where the dreamer sees themself wailing, it is probable that they are releasing emotions in a protracted and drawn out manner that might not be consider acceptable in society. In days of old, wailing was said to be a means by which spirits could be summoned. Hence, the dreamer must also consider whether the wailing they experience is an attempt to invite something greater than themselves to ease their suffering.
A wail falling upon your ear while in the midst of a dream, brings fearful news of disaster and woe for a young woman to hear a wail, foretells that she will be deserted and left alone in distress, and perchance disgrace see weeping.
Hearing a wailing sound while dreaming foretells fearful news and sorrow a wail of a police siren denotes minor trouble with the law which involves you or someone close to you the wails of fire engines and ambulances denote a disaster of major proportions.