Dreaming about waist

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The meaning of this dream depends greatly on the details, which must be considered in relation to the action in the dream but as a general guide, to dream of your own waist pertains to your financial resources a dream of someone else’s waist relates to the financial situation of a friend, which you may be asked to help with or to help celebrate.
Dreaming that you see your waist, signifies that you are to be courting to dream of someone others waist, identifies that you will approve and praise something in the workplace or that you will make good suggestions.
The size of the waist in a dream determines the omen it portends to as recognized in the current mode of fashion a large rotund waist gives the dreamer the information that life will be pleasing and comfortable with no lack or want a small petite waist is telling the dreamer that he or she will experience success in business, but if the waist belongs to an unhealthy, emaciated individual then the reverse is true.