Dreaming about wait

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Dreaming that you are waiting for anyone, means that your ambition or desire will be realized dreaming that someone waits for you, indicates that you should show more patience and attention.
In a dream to wait for someone or something is an attitude of expectation as the part of the dreamer. Maybe he is looking for people or circumstances, that supports him to move forward or to make decisions. Impatient waiting suggests too high expectations. On the other hand dreaming that you are waiting patiently ,this provides mounting evidence of his knowledge that everything comes in its time.
The dreamer feels pressure from the expectations of other people, then he should deal with his leadership.
In spiritual development, one is often forced to wait patiently until the right time comes.

Meaning for seeing wait in your dreams

– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.
– Unanticipated events will affect your life, you are faced with major events.