Dreaming about waiter

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Tipping a waiter or waitress in a dream is an augury of losing a piece of jewelry. To dream of having a waiter spill soup or other food on your clothing portends being misunderstood by your best friend. If you are kept waiting a long time for your food in a dream, you will have trouble with your landlord.
Dreaming that you are a waiter/waitress represents catering to the demands of others. You may feel you are waiting on somebody hand and foot. If you dream of being served by a waiter/waitress, you will be involved in many social gatherings involving friends or loved ones.
A waiter serving food or drink indicates you are a hands on / spiritual healer food is the energy source for the human body and the dream is pointing out that you are a supplier of life sustaining energy.
Service ready to provide some sort of service aware of other people needs to dream of a waiter, signifies you will be pleasantly entertained by a friend to see one cross or disorderly, means offensive people will thrust themselves upon your hospitality.
A dream featuring a waiter (or waitress) portends news of the illness of a friend or relative.
Dreaming that you see a waiter or waitress, indicates that you will have problems with your bosses or loved ones to dream yourself as a waiter, indicates that you are to have a financial benefit through a simple but unpleasant job.

Meaning for seeing waiter in your dreams

Dreaming you are being served by a waiter then you will enjoy many pleasant entertainments involving friends or loved ones if your waiter is angry or slovenly, you will experience disquiet at the intrusion of disreputable people into your life.
This character is responsible for bringing you nourishment and you may be dreaming of a restaurant when you are exploring new ways of being fulfilled dreaming of a waiter/waitress can be an objective portrayal of how you might allow yourself to be fulfilled or nourished see food.