Dreaming about wake

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Attending a wake asks you to eliminate the negative influences of the person whose wake you are attending or a parent / other significant person of the same gender this influence is holding you back from doing something that will help you develop in a positive way.
Dreaming that you attend a wake, denotes that you will sacrifice some important engagement to enjoy some ill favored assignation for a young woman to see her lover at a wake, foretells that she will listen to the entreaties of passion, and will be persuaded to hazard honor for love.
Dreaming that you wake, indicates that you will be proud of your friends and relatives dreaming that someone wakes you, means it is time to act to dream that you wake up from a dream, predicts that you will have good results from your work.
If you dream that you attend a wake and the deceased is a friend or loved one then you will hear sad news in the near future if you see a friend attending a wake, then the friend is in grave danger and must be warned to be careful.

Meaning for seeing wake in your dreams

– you should keep loved ones; – be alert: good news in sight; – by waked from an animals: all sorts of problems in the business as well as in the well-being.
– to wake someone in a dream: you will be beloved.