Dreaming about wake up

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If you wake up in a dream, you will be proud of friends and relatives if they wake you in your sleep, it is time to act dreaming that you wake up means you will have good results from your labor.
Dreaming that you are awake when you are actually dreaming offers a double dose of the extent to which you may be repressing something the message is that you need to wake up and face something when you suddenly ‘wake up’ to realize that anything is possible and that you can fly, it is an aspect of the psyche exploring potential and self imposed limitations to ‘wake up’ and do something of a daily routine, portrays the need for a wake up call in what you are habitually doing.
There is a sleep state in which the sleeping person recognizes that he is dreaming and could wake up. This seems to be the dreamer on the one hand to force them to take note of certain events or circumstances. Second, it is thus able to use the wake as a therapeutic agent to intervene in the dream and it may give a better finish. Waking up in a dream (not really), the term usually so that one becomes aware of a connection spontaneously, sees something that has not yet been identified. Sometimes this is also a particularly important process mentioned in the dream, which takes place immediately before or after.
To wake up in the dream can mean that is allowed a time of sadness and solitude behind.

Meaning for seeing wake up in your dreams

Waking up is synonymous with consciousness.
– dreaming waking up in the morning: happiness and satisfaction, good news, good performing; – wake up in the day: anger; – in evening: failing expectations.
– wake up in sleep means you will get something unexpected, but good news.