Dreaming about walk

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If you walked with ease, it signifies an easy triumph if you walked with difficulty, you will still overcome your obstacles, but it will require determined effort.
Dreaming that you walk alone, suggests a modest happiness to dream that there are a lot of people, means that you may hear bad news of your address to dream that you walk in the forest, indicates that you will gain peace of mind.
Many people see themselves walking along in a dream it is very important to remember where you were walking to and if the walk was difficult or not the way we move in dreams, or the means of transportation, may represent how efficiently we maneuver and progress on our own personal life journey also, is the means of transportation appropriate for the journey? For example, are you walking to your neighbor´s house or across the desert? Jung thought that if in your dream you are walking to no specific destination, it may represent a personal search and a succession of changes that one experience in life in order to understand the dream, consider if you were walking around aimlessly or were swiftly going to a particular destination?