Dreaming about wall

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Walls symbolize obstacles and boundaries. If a wall stands in your way in a dream, there is a barrier obstructing your progress in real life. To dream that you jump over or break through a wall means you will overcome some tough obstacles and succeed. To dream that you are building a wall signifies a bad relationship or protecting yourself from a trauma already experienced. To dream about a hole in a wall indicates that you are breaking through obstacles and overcoming your limitations. If you continue on your present course with confidence, you will succeed in rising above your problems.
Holes in walls can imply the dreamer is in some way concerned with a breach of trust or privacy (i. E. Over-stepping the mark). Either his or her own has been violated, or they have perpetrated such an act on another. Walls, being boundaries, can also suggest the dreamer is bricked in by their own limiting belief systems; that they are in a non-developmental phase because of self-doubt.
Walls represent keeping people out of your heart this is usually due to some early childhood conditioning in regression i have noticed that this wall is usually fully built by the age three as a child we cannot reason and live through expressing our feelings as we experience them we are also highly tuned into the feelings of those charged with our care being in a position where you feel you are in the way or unloved starts this process off the first two years are spent in emotional confusion and then the wall building starts.
Defense protection seeking privacy and security.
Defense protection seeking privacy and security.
These represent obstacles; therefore, the meaning of the dream depends on the outcome of its action if you dreamed of jumping over a wall, you will achieve success through your own determination if your dream featured walking along the top of a wall, your future is bright indeed.

Meaning for seeing wall in your dreams

Dreaming of a wall, means you will have obstacles in your operations to dream you walk on the wall, suggests you will irritate your family to dream you fall of the wall, suggests expected failure.
A dream where there is a wall implies that you are facing obstacles in some part of your life it may also suggest that you need to be mindful of the limitations in your life and your characteristics.
Associated with houses and buildings, a wall suggests what you have ‘erected’ to hide behind climbing a wall can portray your desire to transcend these boundaries relieving yourself in a bathroom without walls can portray your movement toward intimacy any dream involving walls shows both the barriers you construct and how they block your natural expression see bath.