Dreaming about walls

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Dreaming that you find a wall obstructing your progress, you will surely succumb to ill favored influences and lose important victories in your affairs to jump over it, you will overcome obstacles and win your desires to force a breach in a wall, you will succeed in the attainment of your wishes by sheer tenacity of purpose to demolish one, you will overthrow your enemies to build one, foretells that you will carefully lay plans and will solidify your fortune to the exclusion of failure, or designing enemies for a young woman to walk on top of a wall, shows that her future happiness will soon be made secure for her to hide behind a wall, denotes that she will form connections that she will be ashamed to acknowledge if she walks beside a base wall she will soon have run the gamut of her attractions, and will likely be deserted at a precarious time.
Building walls in a dream, mean you’re about to ruin your future.
Walls as dream images are generally considered obstacles and sources of isolation or confinement some people are emotionally guarded and feel unable to express themselves freely if you are such a person, this dream symbol might be pointing to the walls that you have built around yourself additionally, if you are experiencing challenges and seemingly impenetrable difficulties in daily life, the wall in your dream may be a reflection of those factors consider your current situation and attempt to identify the source of the walls in your dream climbing the wall suggests that you are becoming prepared or are able to overcome difficulties and/or challenges.