Dreaming about walnut

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When weapons appear in dreams, it can point to feelings of anger, resentment or conflict in your life. A dream of using weapons against a person you know, may indicate that you’re experiencing suppressed anger or resentment towards them. You may have inner conflicts that need to be resolved. Swords, arrows, knives, guns and daggers can also be viewed as phallic symbols depicting aggressive male sexuality.
Dreaming of walnuts, is an omen significant of prolific joys and favors to dream that you crack a decayed walnut, denotes that your expectations will end in bitterness and regretable collapse for a young woman to dream that she has walnut stain on her hands, foretells that she will see her lover turn his attention to another, and she will entertain only regrets for her past indiscreet conduct.
Crushing walnuts in your dream with your hands or teeth, means that you will be suffering from being naive, but if you use a nutcracker, it means that you will succeed in business dreaming of gathering walnuts means that you will reap success in work and love to dream of a hard nut to crack is a sign of difficulties cracking a walnut in your dream, portends that you will deal with obstacles or enemies seeing a walnut sows that you will enjoy health and longevity if you dream of sleeping under a walnut, watch your health dreaming of cracking green walnuts, tells that you will have bickering with friends or colleagues eating walnuts in your dream, is a good sign, but if you bake or grind them someone will create cares for you to dream of walnut nuts means you will be riding with someone close to property wuthering walnuts in your dream, means that you will get someone else’s property, or you will be spending other people’s money.
– You should not be deterred by outside rough shells, but penetrate to the sweet kernel, a favorable omen for happiness; – A rotten break: the efforts will end in bitterness and a physical breakdown; – Young women who dream of walnut stains on her hands notice soon that her lover another turns, they themselves sink into heartache.

Meaning for seeing walnut in your dreams

– To eat: you^re a good person; – You will defy fate powerful.
-To see crack opened or to eat: you have to run something difficult.