Dreaming about wander along the sea

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To walk along the sea is that somebody wants to go on a journey, and especially if he chooses the sea, full of promise, the dream vision prophesied great safety. The sea is like a gentleman because of his power, because of the wetness of a woman. Happiness brings also one litigants, he will outdo the judges and win the trial course, the sea also resembles a funnel, because it does good, the other bad. There is a young man, he^ll fall in love with a courtesan, and a woman, they^ll lead the life of a courtesan, the sea, a courtesan is comparable, because it first gives a pleasant idea, but then the most evil permitting. But to those who lives on the large amount, also it promises statesmen and demagogues, aside from great fame extraordinary cash receipts, the sea is like namely for its abundant wildlife and the large quantity.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.