Dreaming about want

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Dreaming that you are in want, denotes that you have unfortunately ignored the realities of life, and chased folly to her stronghold of sorrow and adversity if you find yourself contented in a state of want, you will bear the misfortune which threatens you with heroism, and will see the clouds of misery disperse to relieve want, signifies that you will be esteemed for your disinterested kindness, but you will feel no pleasure in well doing.
If the dreamer is conscious of a want, perhaps this has to do with its basic nature. Maybe he has suppressed this desire in the waking state, so that wish comes in dreams to the surface.
If person wants in dreams to do something else, than he is doing in his waking life, then he recognizes its potential to achieve success or to change his life. If you dream, that you live as a poet, even though you are working professionally as an actor, then it may indicate that you must explore your creativity in a different dimension.
On the spiritual level dreaming of wants (wishes or desires) corresponds to the desire to request.

Meaning for seeing want in your dreams

– To have want (wish or desire) in dream: you will be satisfied; – To fulfill wish or desire: you will find new friends.