Dreaming about warning

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Dreaming of warning someone, means that you or anyone want forgiveness or need to listen to the warning to dream that someone warned you, suggests in reality you will be sorry and regretful or be sorry.
Being warned by police is a common theme as some emerging side of you is transcending your critical tapes see answer and red under colors.
A warning in the dream is to draw the attention of the dreaming on an internal state or to external circumstances that require its attention. Maybe he puts herself in danger.
The alert pronounce the dreamer that he makes his abilities visible, difficulties and dangers to others or hidden parts of himself. What it^s about, is visible from the circumstances of the dream. To receive a written warning, may indicate that something is bad. Spending too much money at the grocery store, warns that you show too much emotions in a relationship. The dream escapes from a locked room and happy to wander through an unknown landscape, warns that you need relaxation and you must leave duties behind. There are other practical dream alerts: Your dog leash snaps, fail the brakes of the car, in the kitchen fire breaks out and you discovered while investigating, and that the real dog leash rotten, fail the car brakes,fire in the kitchen and the current line is blank. The explanation is simple: Unconsciously one has registered all these errors, but still no action. The dream exhorts to do this soon. It is an established fact that dreams can sometimes report diseases, before we even feel sick and before a doctor can determine something. This may of course can not be generalized so that it always better immediately to run to the doctor as soon as you once dreamed of a disease. But still the dream can show (especially if it is repeated), the fact of a certain pain or swelling or discoloration worth the effort, investigate, find out it. All that is still stuck, after waking in the memory can be a given clues which can be traded for the explanation and interpretation of the dream spoken warning of importance.

Meaning for seeing warning in your dreams

A warning may be an indication of how the dreamer can be intuitive. He may trust his intuition and should use them accordingly.
– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.