Dreaming about wash

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All the factors, such as the temperature of the water and the articles (or persons) concerned, must be considered, but as a general guide, washing by hand suggests that you should refrain from getting involved in the personal affairs of others at the present time washing in a machine indicates an unexpected vacation or change of location to dream of washing your hands and/or face predicts a pleasant new friendship in the offing.
Dreaming that you washed your feet, suggests that you are recovering from problems dreaming of washing the dishes, means you’ll have guests who are not invited dreaming of washing your face, suggests you will be ashamed of something dream of washing the windows, means you will try to give a good impression to dream that you wash your hands, means you’ll have a secure income and a good job to dream that you wash your hair, means you will create your own troubles.
The dreamer washes either himself or as a garment. He freed himself so symbolic of negative feelings. Maybe he needs to change his attitude towards the inside or outside. Washes the other, however, then it reflects that he needs to take care of his fellow man. Wash can be interpreted similarly to tub. Often it also warns against dirty; laundry, before gossip and slander.
As water is a symbol of emotions and the unconscious, in the dream stand and wash means the pursuit of a relationship with the emotional self and successfully deal with it. To wash yourself in a dream, in the awake life, one must cleanse of any accusation.

Meaning for seeing wash in your dreams

Possibly on a spiritual level, a spiritual cleansing is necessary so that the dreamer can retain its wholeness.
– Dirty laundry: his masterpiece in gossip; – Wash or wash off dirty things: others will prepare a huff or trouble by making false claims; – The man comes to your door from the laundry: it is threatening illness or loss of anything of value; – Wash: Make promises, but ultimately success and happiness; – Wash your hands: it is plagued by a subconscious regret over a bad act; – In a pan: you should clean from dirty character traits;; – The wash is pure: the efforts have complete success; – Wash the dirty remain: does the loss of property and happiness; – Pretty girls in washing see: you are looking for forbidden pleasures; – Wash yourself: you will have to refute a malicious accusation or slander; you will gain wealth.
– To see: do not despair, you are not lacking in strength to impose your plan; – Wash yourself: your sense of order will be noticeable; – Other: you will exert a positive influence on a third party.