Dreaming about washing machine

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In countries where washing machines are located in the kitchen they symbolize your stomach the churning motion of the washing machine is symbolic of the churning nature of your stomach for other countries the washing machine can represent anxieties the need to cleanse attitudes (clothes).
Seeing in your dream a washing machine, means you’re ahead of trouble or minor problems in the family a dream of an automatic washing machine, means that things will get better by themselves and do not depend on you.
If you see only watching the machine is working, this can be a metaphor for the daily routine. Is it boring and eternally the same? If you look at the dream of a detergent promotional spot watched on television. It may signal the desire for lifestyle improvement perhaps, buying a new washing machine.
The washing machine is a known and common cleaning symbol. Compulsive washing, taboos as yearning or defense against the real cleanup of a matter.

Meaning for seeing washing machine in your dreams

– Wash clothes : a little salutary relationship is replaced by a soothing.