Dreaming about watermelon

Seeing a watermelon in you dream, represents emotions of love, desire, lust, and fiery passion. Pregnant women or women on the verge of their menstrual cycle often dream of such fruits, as watermelons. Alternatively, watermelons may be associated with summertime ease, leisure, and relaxation.
A womb: oblong in shape, red inside, seeds attached, growing.
If you dreamed of watermelon growing on the vine, this are a warning against casual love affairs. Otherwise, they forecast unexpected travel.
Dreaming that you eat watermelon, might predict your efforts in workplace are for nothing. To buy a watermelon, means you will do good for a friend, who does not deserve it. This may create you some problems. when you are dreaming of watermelon seeds means you dishonest a friend in many ways of your address. dreams of fresh watermelon means you feed your hopes.
Watermelons promote friendships and communities; - Business ventures, however, they will frustrate, also means laxity.

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