Dreaming about wave

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Dreaming of seeing high waves dashing on the shore predicts the futility of your love affair.
Waves usually indicate difficulties in life for example, sailing a boat that is getting knocked by waves the boat trip represents your life journey and the waves are symbolic of events or emotions that are causing ups and downs in your life.
Dreaming of a wave, suggests you do everything lightly.
Wave will be generally understood in terms of signal. Waving for goodbye promises, that separation will not be forever.

Meaning for seeing wave in your dreams

– Dreaming of wave: perform a good deed; – Wave to beckons anyone: cautions to maintain their direction and calls to turn back; – Wawing for goodbye: promises a reunion; – Wave to welcome someone: announces a goodbye; – Wave to make attention: on a chosen path you will not continue to go.
– Dreaming of waving: you will make a journey; – To see wave: you^ll have to be separated from loved ones.