Dreaming about wax

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Dreaming you see or touch wax, means you are to inherit land or profit to dream of wax, suggests you have your concerns about money to dream of chewing wax, suggests your happy because the properties you hold.
The image of the wax is generally for adaptation, plasticity, suggestibility and impermanence. Wax is related to flexibility that a person has developed in relation to his life. The aim is to be flexible and adaptable as wax and thereby also upholds stay. Wax is often interpreted as candles, white wax to the old dreamer interpretation witch indicates good health. In general it can be expressed in, that can be easily influenced from outside.
Wax can also be interpreted as a symbol of insincerity. It is consumed by the candle flame and turns into something else with completely new properties.
Wax symbolizes the need for spiritual flexibility and the desire to take the rigidity.

Meaning for seeing wax in your dreams

– Is the sign of a variable character, warns about energy; – To see: happiness is through hard work, also warns against the borrowing of money; – To knead: one would like to harness other people to achieve his goals, but he is too soft; – Burning candles: an earnest solemnity of stands and you should listen more to your inside feelings and find yourself.
– To see burning: sadness and sorrow in your house; – White: your health is good; – Yellow: one deceives you; – To see melting: you will suffer a loss; – To knead: You^re a very pliable woman you will get a good-natured man.
– To see knead, or clean: get a good salary; – also: your living conditions are going to change soon fundamentally; – Melting: your plans will succeed.