Dreaming about way

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Dreaming you lose your way, warns you to disabuse your mind of lucky speculations, as your enterprises threaten failure unless you are painstaking in your management of affairs see road and path.
On your own life space and time, from birth to death, we are always on the way. It is more often to dream ways, roads, streets, paths in our dreams, than anywhere else. It is really important to find out which way we have to go, which country to choose, what he passes what his goal and what are its barriers. Most often it is only the short distance, well-known street or just our memories that comes from our minds. Such dreams are talking about our everyday situation, from the part of our life that takes place in nowadays. Much more often, however, it is an unknown way of us, as a traveler, that goes to unknown targets and does not know what to choose. Like a Pilgrim, who takes the old clothes, a stick and a bottle of water and ready to start the journey. You are not tired it announce that it is not too late to dream and start you new way of life. When you dream way this shows that you can not stop and reach your goal, with all the our equipment and the possible accompaniment. The dream says how concision you were and what you get in your life. If we are in the narrow stony path that shows that you put much progress. The lonely path leads perhaps to a large dirt, you have to work hard to reach your goal. We climb the mountains gently from ledge to ledge, jump into swampland from tussock to tussock. We do not need to be afraid it gives us some kind of extreme, adrenaline. On the other hand, makes us happy in extreme times of need, as we believe, to see no way out, a good dream street, protracted by high mountains, or a safe bridge over the wild water. Where the unconscious has not yet reached a safe road is built in a dream on the road sometimes built with the dreamer. It is very good and favorable dream. It is is a sure that foundation is created on a clever base and the life provides valuable direction. The path is in the woods, the inner complexes announce our concision needs to be brighter. The street is where the unconscious is brightening, where complexes of inner like come on, often set in the woods. At its end can then suddenly a simple, friendly family house, a silent tower, the university and for some people who live in church protests. Through hardships and dangers be hiked almost every man be his innate destiny. The wayside is lurking criminals, robbers. It comes to driving conflicts threaten by evil beasts. All these dangers are adding up as we know precisely when it wants us to feel better if we are in a transition, as we stand at a ford of our lives when we cross a stream, have to cross a ravine. We have to think about contemplating what makes, as clearly as possible, inhibits our journey of life. It belongs to the most common dream experience that you, rooted to the spot, can make another step further, even if terrible is coming. After experience with never a permanent plug or remain standing-must-mean. Only in the present life situation, the instantaneous state, we do not go ahead. The dream of road can lead anywhere. As most typically be mentioned: the dreamer gets to a crossroads, he wanders fearfully on a steep slope, which is usually an outer feeling that it very delicate situation. Where a dreamer is trying to achieve on dangerous rock pile or rock walls to the height, where he wades through water, as it is good,that shows that you need extra careful and aware. If the dreamer does not already know what it is to uncover what is the reason of the location and extent of the danger. It will bring only a marginal, usually day.
The way is always the life of the dreamer. This may symbolize the direction for which the dreamer has chosen in his life. But it can also stand for the kind of thinking or symbolize the direction of research. Roads are narrow streets, on which passengers may be shaken by the other in a car, but they are also the leisurely walks, where you can collect inside. The nature of the way whether it is flat or steep, winding or straight, runs for the interpretation of the dream may be as important as the journey for itself. There is particular attention to the condition of the trail, which can be seen on the right and left of the path where it leads, where it comes from. What is special about your way? As you see him, and as he looks through the eyes of others? – Path: This is an expression of the desire for peace of the dreamer, romantic and idyllic. – Crossroads (crossroads): When the junction or intersection in a dream is a decision that must be made aware. Sometimes it is not so important, as you choose, but that you choose.
A path in a dream can point to a spiritual direction.

Meaning for seeing way in your dreams

– see you in the next life and hopes to walk a straight path; – See a straight forward: in the near future everything will go as you wish; people repeatedly try to go through life as comfortable as possible; – Uphill run: it is now high up in life; – Downhill run: now you should not go on, otherwise you will lose even more; – The decline: one will have to overcome obstacles, but should not lose courage;
– good, leveled, easy: point to pleasant things, you will be expected to have little difficulty; – Poor, uneven, rocky and unpleasant: all kinds of obstacles at work or conflict with humans are imminent; – Leading to endless: one is about his goals in life are not in the clear; – Steep walk: arduous enterprises; – On a plane to go: carefree life; – Completely straight: you will quickly realize your plans; – Downhill: beware of an accident in eight; – Often convoluted: the success of your efforts will be set later; – Very closely: you have only one way to reach your goal; – Stations of the Cross: the choice between good and evil.