Dreaming about wc bathroom

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Abort (toilet) in the dream has little to do with the stool excretion, but depending on circumstances as favorable or unfavorable symbol to interpret. The following meanings are very common: – Plugged toilet warns against too much optimism and carelessness. – Excrement in the toilet, or even the plunge into the bowl be understood as an announcement of opportunity, joy and happiness, and it may also involve material gains (popularly speaking, too drastically from crapping money;). Some modern researchers interpret the dream fall into a toilet bowl as a reminder of the birth drama or as a symbolic escape back into the womb. – Clean the toilet bowl is often interpreted as a warning of trouble with authorities. Perhaps behind it but also the desire to do away with mental excrement;, of whom one is disgusted.
Very impernant are the toilet-dreams. This small room has in people^s lives a much more important than we like to admit. Curiosity and amazement the child learns to know about processes of his body, which is interesting. Toilet even in the most concrete human spirit is a pathetic and a little pathetic animal-level creatures of nature. There he is along for the necessary relief from ballast to become agents of his body. He is alone with himself and purifies himself from what is considered to be nasty. Nevertheless, toilet-dreams are not indecent. Who be so often dreamed of speaking, in a conspicuous and somewhat embarrassing parable of the discharge, the mentally done. You can achieve this dream in order to rid of what is consumed and therefore was felt by the people has always been easy as dirt or mud. Abort dreams have a lot less than you think to do with an infantile sexual stage, with the so-called anal eroticism. Incidentally: The alchemists believed again, straight out of the feces should be the most magnificent win the gold the most despised of the noblest. Human experience is, that low may became High.
– Profit, revenue; – with human excrement: good meaning; – simple latrine: Beware of bad friends; – modern wc: you will have to reckon with inconvenience; – watch free: jealousy or envy; – look busy: your hope are not going to fulfill.
– to see: be not grudge to other people if they don^t understand your way the same as you do; – not free: do not be so confident; – spotted: the great fortune stands at your door, you will get it; – need to clean: you^ll have to deal with the authority, be careful in speech and writing and put less emphasis on the talk of others; – take the plunge: you are going to be incredibly lucky. Let it don^t know to anybody, because the luck can leave you.