Dreaming about weasel

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Seeing a weasel bent on a marauding expedition in your dreams, warns you to beware of the friendships of former enemies, as they will devour you at an unseemly time if you destroy them, you will succeed in foiling deep schemes laid for your defeat.
You are being alerted to a treacherous companion or associate of the opposite sex if your dream featured this sly rodent.
Dreaming of killing or catching a weasel, indicates that you may have an unsuccessful marriage to dream that you see a weasel, means you are to change your property.
– In general dreaming of weasel: shows a fight with women; – Also weasel in dream: watch out for such people, who want to offer their friendship without reason; – To see prowling weasel: shall apply a warning of false friendly former enemies who want a break you; – To kill one: the plans of the enemies will be able to thwart.

Meaning for seeing weasel in your dreams

– Dreaming of weasel: you will get a lot of work.
– To catch weasel in dream: great business will bring material profit.