Dreaming about weather

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Dreaming of the weather, foretells fluctuating tendencies in fortune now you are progressing immensely, to be suddenly confronted with doubts and rumblings of failure to think you are reading the reports of a weather bureau, you will change your place of abode, after much weary deliberation, but you will be benefited by the change to see a weather witch, denotes disagreeable conditions in your family affairs to see them conjuring the weather, foretells quarrels in the home and disappointment in business.
Dreaming that you are sunburned, suggests an expected financial progress and successful business to dream that the someone is brown, means you will receive support from a friend.
Dreams often portray what is going on in our inner landscape using settings familiar in the outer world a focus on the weather will represent the ‘inner climate ‘ if it is raining – you may need to express your emotions more, since we dream about what we are not facing if it is sunny, the dream can be exploring what will lead to greater happiness if it is windy, we may need to let go of outworn ideas see temperature, and natural disaster.
Weather as part of the dream environment usually shows the mood and emotional state of the dreamer. Weather is the emotional weather;, thus for the prevailing mood. Here the following weather conditions is often recognized as: – Sunshine stands for optimism, arising from energy and confidence. – Clouds symbolize pessimism, anxiety, depression and sometimes desperation (especially when dark clouds). – Tearing clouds announces that dreamer is in a difficult situation, bet there is grounds for hope, the end is in sight and will be less bad than feared. – Rain suggests that repressed emotions are re-admitted and the internal voltage drops, which can also lead to flooding. – Storm or strong wind announces differently to emotional outbreaks.
Weather can bring the internal reactions to certain situations. A bright blue, cloudless sky has possibly indicate that the situation in which dreamer is currently located, and their associated moods and feelings can also continue to control. If the dreamer is aware of the weather note, this could mean that he must see to be part of a larger whole and not just self-determined individual.
Different weather conditions can be understooded as a spiritual answers to questions, which face up to the dreamer.

Meaning for seeing weather in your dreams

– Dreaming of weather: always shows the current mood; – Also weather in dream: announces a changeable destiny dreamer makes enormous progress, only to be suddenly confronted with doubts and impending failures; – Dreaming that you read the reports of a weather bureau: after long deliberations you will change place of residence, maybe even the city, and this will be benefit at the end; – Summon the weather: disputes and disappointments at home and at work; – A weather witch: unpleasant feelings in the family.
– Beautiful weather in dream: you^ll be able to spend nice hours and good news are comming; – If weather is bad: ugly message from a distance.
– Dreaming of beautiful and cheerful weather: you may depend not on the fickle fortune; – Dreaming of cloudy and stormy weather: your future will be left much to be desired; – If weather in dreams is cold and snowy: your delicate sensibilities will be injured.