Dreaming about weather vane

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A good omen if your prime concern is business, but if it’s romance, be prepared for stormy weather.
Weather vane (weather cock) can indicate a fickle; personality who is temperamental and unpredictable. It warns, that dreamer^s own advantage will always turn to the wind, so excessively adapted.
We can determine the compass direction from which the wind blows and that can be used in deeper interpretation of this dream. In general weather vane describes the fickle of our character, our moods, with which we can hardly make friends.
– In general dreaming of weather vane: by inconstancy you are preparing yourself to big trouble; – To see it on roof: you do not know what you want.

Meaning for seeing weather vane in your dreams

– To see weahter vane or weather cock (rooster) on roof: do not be so fickle.
– To see weather vane (weather cock): you will do well to leave yourself at the mercy of great lords; – To hear its hinges squeaking: you will receive a message of great changes.