Dreaming about welcome

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Dreaming that you receive a warm welcome into any society, foretells that you will become distinguished among your acquaintances and will have deference shown you by strangers your fortune will approximate anticipation to accord others welcome, denotes your congeniality and warm nature will be your passport into pleasures, or any other desired place.
Dreaming that you welcome someone with congratulations, indicates that you are to be soon parting with something or someone dreaming that you are greeting a friend or acquaintance, means you will have pleasant emotions and have an expected meeting with a person or a person you love.
If you are greeted in a dream or someone greeted by someone who is and this greeting is pleasant and makes the encounter a joy, then confirms the dream one so that you open-minded, unbiased and ready to tackle new projects or to take on new challenges. If you were resistant, one has to wonder if it avoids a problem.
Someone is welcome to make contact. In this dream situation is to pay special attention to who you are greeted and how this greeting expires. Who dreams of scenes would welcome more frequent warmly welcomed; accepted by the environment will be a welcome guest at people you love or need. You probably have just a disappointment behind him and feel too little attention or excluded from a community. Your self-esteem really needs a sense of achievement!

Meaning for seeing welcome in your dreams

– to see welcoming: visit or important news; – a high personality: a pleasant visit will be displayed; – a person you do not like: bring an unpleasant visit; – to be welcomed by children: happy event in family life.