Dreaming about werewolf

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A werewolf may appear in a dream after having watched a scary movie if you haven? T been watching scary movies, think about people you know who have he ability to change personality quickly it could be a friend or lover who has a drinking or anger problem that scares you; their personality changes quickly or unexpectedly avoid unstable personality types.
Dreaming of a werewolf means you are headed for a lack of confidence, serenity, balance, mental and spiritual stability.
A werewolf is a creature that does not exist in the physical world he is symbolic of a man that turns into a monster, a normal person that transforms into a bloodthirsty animal the werewolf may represents something in your life or in your own personality when interpreting this dream, consider internal and external factors that generally seem normal but have a tendency to transform into undesirable, hurtful, or dangerous concerns in your life.
Dogs can represent the idea of unconditional love the wolf has more of an association with roaming and freedom dreaming of a wolf can represent how you are exploring relationships and the idea of unconditional love that can be best expressed when integrated with the idea of freedom the werewolf can be viewed as a shadow archetype, representing issues that are unprocessed it howls as a symbol of instinctual urges, while the moon activates a type of transformation that makes it a hybrid being half human and animal can suggest the need to express instinctual urges that are somewhat conflicted the moon also has associations with the mother, and can signify unrepressed emotions related to mothering this character combines the idea of unrepressed desires and how they eventually overwhelm your need for control to find expression see wolf, animals and shadow.

Meaning for seeing werewolf in your dreams

– Monstrous instincts.
– What part of me is overcivilized? At what point in my life, my instincts can be suppressed?