Dreaming about west

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A long journey is predicted in a dream featuring the west or a westerly direction.
Dreaming of the west, indicates an expected long and lonely journey.
A dream featuring the west implies that you are putting focus on your creative side or hoping for reward in some part of your life it can also suggest the need for completion of something in your life, or that you need to adapt better to different environments.
Going west can symbolize how you are exploring the ‘frontier’ of your potential associated with what is modern and driven to achieve success, the direction of west can point to these qualities within you.
– End. Death. Return to the starting point.
– Where do I go?

Meaning for seeing west in your dreams

West asks to reconcile internal opposites to be balanced. These are often contradictions between duty and desire, emotion and reason or between incompatible goals. West also symbolizes the opposition between east, death, the end of an action, or of a business relationship.
– Dreaming of West (to see view of horizon in west): it is a sign for an upcoming trip.