Dreaming about wheat

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Seeing large fields of growing wheat in your dreams, denotes that your interest will take on encouraging prospects if the wheat is ripe, your fortune will be assured and love will be your joyous companion to see large clear grains of wheat running through the thresher, foretells that prosperity has opened her portals to the fullest for you to see it in sacks or barrels, your determination to reach the apex of success is soon to be crowned with victory and your love matters will be firmly grounded if your granary is not well covered and you see its contents getting wet, foretells that while you have amassed a fortune, you have not secured your rights and you will see your interests diminishing by the hand of enemies if you rub wheat from the head into your hand and eat it, you will labor hard for success and will obtain and make sure of your rights to dream that you climb a steep hill covered with wheat and think you are pulling yourself up by the stalks of wheat, denotes you will enjoy great prosperity and thus be able to distinguish yourself in any chosen pursuit.
The meaning depends on the condition of the grain if the wheat was flattened or in poor condition, it suggests difficulties that can be overcome; if it was ripe, it is a sign of abundance and prosperity; and if it was harvested or in sheaves, it forecasts solid achievement in your current endeavors.
Dreaming of wheat, foretells that you will live a rich life and have good cash.
European (Christian) – Dreaming of wheat in general: you will get money through your work; – Also dreaming of wheat or stalks of wheats: you will have a devoted, happy & 038; affectionate wife; – If wheats are growing in dream: dreamer must work hard, but the reward will turn out equally good; – Dreaming of very large wheat^s field: announce positive outlook for the diverse interests; – To see one small field of wheats: heralds a time of prosperity & 038; profitable trade; – To see mature wheats in the fields: luck, fortune & 038; happiness and joyous love of companion; – See wheat grains: money through hard work brings into the house; – See large grains of wheat running through the threshing machine: the prosperity of the gates will open for one; – Look in bags or barrels of wheats: determination to reach the pinnacle of success, will soon be crowned with victory and love affairs will be on solid ground; – To own not well covered granary, so that the contents are moist: although you have amassed wealth, but the rights are not guaranteed and you wealth will be reduce by foes; – To rub with hand and eat: you will come to your right and back it up; – To climb on a steep hill covered with wheat: one will enjoy great prosperity and lead to the success of each project. – See flour of wheat : promises lavish festival or feast.

Meaning for seeing wheat in your dreams

– To sow wheat (sowing of wheat in dream): you will need to harass yourself; – To see field of weath or aged wheat: prosperity and happiness.
– To see, to count or to eat wheat in dream: a good profit; – Dreaming of wheat field: you will always find order in your financial situation in life; – Dreaming of dry and uncultivated wheats: dreamer should seriously worry about his future.