Dreaming about whip

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Dreaming of a whip, signifies unhappy dissensions and unfortunate and formidable friendships.
A dream featuring the whipping of an animal suggests you have some injustice on your conscience; either make amends or try to forget it.
Being whipped in a dream refers to two things: your need to feel protected and dominated by a loved one, and your feeling that this person is taking advantage of you the key is to find a balance between the two if you dream of whipping someone, beware of your own manipulative or aggressive tendencies.
A dream where there is a whip can suggest that you have a controlling side, or that you feel like your are being controlled by others it can also imply the need for discipline or motivation in a part of your life.

Meaning for seeing whip in your dreams

– in a dream whipped someone, he would be from an acquaintance with bullwhips, he will get to the number of stripes corresponding amount of gold coined, is the one who put the blows, power and violence, this will give him part of it. – someone flogged the emperor with bullwhips, will acquire the flayed on the number of stripes of great joy and wealth. – Puts the emperor himself someone lashes with a whip or belt, the person will be held by him with a responsible, all-important office. – Does the emperor personally someone with his rod, which will get chastised by the first minister of the emperor with his knowledge and consent of grace and power. – Does the emperor someone a blow, and the beaten slave, he will give him the freedom of a poor man is wealthy, a rich man or big will the emperor showered with honors, depending on how powerful the impact was, was when the strike weak and no blood is shed, is in the favor of all the mentioned cases be less.