Dreaming about whistle

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To hear a whistle in your dream, denotes that you will be shocked by some sad intelligence, which will change your plans laid for innocent pleasure to dream that you are whistling, foretells a merry occasion in which you expect to figure largely this dream for a young woman indicates indiscreet conduct and failure to obtain wishes is foretold.
If you whistled in your dream, you are likely to have to cope with some unjust criticism; if you heard others whistling, you can expect to have to revise or delay a current plan or project.
Dreaming that you see someone playing a whistle, indicates that you should be cautious with your guidance or advice that you follow to dream of playing the whistle in your mouth, means that you will be afraid of something to dream that you see a locomotive whistle, indicates that something threatens dreaming of a wooden flute, means you are to have romance or will be courting someone.
When the whistle blows, something usually begins or ends like alarm, you may need to pay attention to the idea of beginning or ending something to hear wind whistling in the trees calls your attention to the ‘winds of change’ and something related to your family dynamics.

Meaning for seeing whistle in your dreams