Dreaming about wife

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Partner commitment eternity to dream of your wife, denotes unsettled affairs and discord in the home to dream that your wife is unusually affable, denotes that you will receive profit from some important venture in trade for a wife to dream her husband whips her, foretells unlucky influences will cause harsh criticism in the home and a general turmoil will ensue.
Partner commitment eternity.
Yin aspect of the self, partner.
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Meaning for seeing wife in your dreams

– to dream of yourown wife: disorganized affairs and family disputes; – the woman is exceptionally friendly: have lucrative business; – a woman is beaten by her husband: it is unfortunate because constellations to lash out and general turmoil.
– Dreaming someone that his wife had been caught as a whore, this is sick and to incur the hatred of her husband, her abuser is known to the dreamer, is this him beg for mercy and find grace to him, he knows it not, it is his enemy to be enslave him. – Equips a wife of a dress whose costs exceed her personal wealth, he will give his position and profession higher reputation. He adorns her arms with gold rings, they will become severely ill and come in distress. – Sets of his wife a ring of pure gold, threaten him illness and suffering, for the head of the woman, is the golden ring with pearls and precious stones, his illness will be less severe and it is because of the gems and pearls regain joy in the world. – see ring on wife^s finger: so his wish will come true. – someone wife is dressed in red robes: he will experience joy and produce a son.